Grand Canyon – One of the Most Visited National Parks

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the three National Parks in Arizona, in the centre of the United States. It is located in northern part of Arizona State stretching 290 miles along the canyon and the Colorado River. It is 1,900 square miles equivalent to 1.2 million acres. It is one of the most popular national parks in America with an annual visit of over 5 million tourists. Although it is not the deepest canyon in the world, other locations in the park are as deep as 1,600 meters. Grand Canyon displays an example of natural erosion in the world.

Millions of people who visit the park annually are left with memories of the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon in their hearts. Viewpoints include the South Rim and you can get there mainly with a vehicle or hiking 21 miles from rim to rim across the Grand Canyon. Some viewers drive from the canyon’s North Rim around the inner part of the canyon and they can get the full view of the canyon. There is also The Grand Canyon Railway offering train tours.

Activities for the family are so many that nobody is supposed to miss the occasion. The South Rim is normally visited throughout the year. North Rim is visited mainly from mid May to mid October. The activities that the entire family can enjoy include hiking, mule riding, cycling, water rafting, ranger programs, and also bus tours. Availability of the Great Canyon Visitor Center is very important in providing helpful park information. There you will hear the history of the native people who initially settled in the region. They also provide ideas about hiking trails, children’s fun activities, a 3D map of the Grand Canyon and display special features to the visitors.

Discussions on local ecology, culture, history and geology among other special park events are also provided. This is done by the Interpretive Ranger Programs at the Grand Canyon National Park. Some of the programs need reservations and if you want to attend them, you have to speak with the park service staff. Another important advantage of The Interpretive Range Programs is the family care. The programs are the most excellent for families because of the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions and opportunities to see hidden parts of the parks only familiar to park rangers.


Grand Canyon tours are never missed for visiting the park. The access to the park requires an admission fee per vehicle, bicycle or individual on foot. This can be a one-time fee for seven days. Annual passes are also available at visitor’s center. Camping in the park is provided on a first come, first serve basis and via reservations. Tours are numerous. The National Park Lodge System takes visitors for 2-day round trip to the canyon’s bottom. There are also tours to the Colorado River, hot air balloon tours, and helicopter tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon providing visitors with an breathtaking panoramic view. Guide maps and information is provided to the visitors.

The Grand Canyon lodges are numerous and designed for all categories of visitors from children, family, and couples to group tourists. Hotels are normally booked earlier enough to avoid inconveniences.

Hollywood – the world capital film industry


Hollywood  is located west of the central area of ​​Los Angeles, California. It is is known world wide as the capital of film industry. And there is no way to visit The City of Angels to go without a trip to the so popular  Hollywood.

In 1910, Hollywood was merged with Los Angeles, but before that (in 1903) it was an indepentend city.  That same year, in Southern California cinematography was born after David Griffith changed the location of his company. That caused the flow of many filmmakers from west to switch to the south coast.

After the boom of cinema, in the early years of the past century, Hollywood became synonymous with film industry. During Second World War, it was abandoned and many of he film companies moved their business somewhere else. Unfortunately, this amazing city was considered one of the worst neighborhoods in Los Angeles in the 80s of the past century.

Sunset boulevard, Hollywood

After 1990, the build of a contemporary popular and modern image of this emblematic place began. There are a lot of places that must be seen in town, so get ready for long but charging with emotions tour. For tourists is important to go through the 3 main boulevards in Hollywood – Hollywood Boulevard, place known for its all kinds of entertainment, Sunset Boulevard known for its nightlife and clubs , and Melrose Avenue.  You tour should include the Rodeo Drive if you want to visit fashion boutiques and meet many of the Hollywood stars.

If you want to see how ​​popular movies and shows are created , and can even go through the sets of different productions, then one of your places to visit should be the Hollywood Entertainment Museum. But if you are here for the sunny beaches then it is perfect to walk along Venice Beach which is always noisy and busy. Here you can sit at one of the many cafes, see interesting street performances or rent a bike to go to the Zuma beach or Santa Monica .

But of course if you prefer hiking, then beyond the different entertainment, Hollywood provides opportunity for you as well. There are several tourist routes in the steep slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains. And from there the Pacific Ocean views you can see are magnificent.

The Statue of Liberty – Liberty Enlightening the World


Statue of Liberty is the undisputed symbol of the United States of America and the American nation. It is a cultural monument that symbolizes the eternal aspiration of Americans for freedom and equal rights.

The Statue of Liberty stands majestically on Liberty Island at the mouth of the Hudson River, in the port of New York. This huge obelisk made ​​of copper marks the centenary of the Independence of the United States. The Statue of Liberty is actually a gift from France to America in the late 19th century as a sign of friendship between the two nations. The idea for build this grand project was conceived in 1876. Chief Sculptor of the Statue of Liberty was Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and stable internal metal supporting structure is a work of the genius Gustave Eiffel, who constructed the symbol of Paris – the Eiffel Tower.

Some think that Frederic Auguste Bartholdi used his mother’s face and a body of his beloved one as a model. This ingenious sculpture represents freedom and the pursuit of it. From 1886 Statue of Liberty is the first American symbol that millions of immigrants coming from Europe saw when crossing the ocean. In 1983 the Statue of Liberty is included on the list of World Heritage of UNESCO.

In fact, the statue was created in France and sent in parts in more than 200 packages by ship in New York. The fragments of the future American symbol then arrive on American soil on June 17, 1885, but assembly is not ready for the 100th anniversary of independence since 1776. Surprisingly, the reasons are financial, the funds to complete the Statue of Liberty are insufficient.

After all fundraising campaign is opened and om October 28, 1886, President of the USA – Grover Cleveland inaugurated the Statue of Liberty. The Americans affectionately call her Miss Liberty or Lady Liberty. This spectacular monument has hundreds of scaled replicas, including one near the Eiffel tower on an island in the Seine in one of the parks of Paris and one near Tokyo Bay in Seattle.

The impressive size of the Statue of Liberty has height of 46,5 ​​meters, and the actual body of the sculpture is placed on a platform 55,5 meters in height. As a result, significant 102 meters of the Statue of Liberty are erected on Liberty Island at the mouth of the Hudson River. The head of the female figure sculpture is decorated with 7-ray crown, symbolizing the 7 seas and continents.

There are 25 windows in the composition of the crown. They are symbol of the treasures of the world. The female figure holds lifted torch in her right hand. In the other hand the woman holds the Declaration of Independence signed on July 4, 1776. There are torn chains of slavery under the feet of the Statue as well.

Florida – the sunny state


Certainly the Earth has countless paradise spots. Fabulous places whose beauty can not be satisfied; among the atmosphere, which we feel complete and full of energy and mood.

Located in Northern America, Florida was once just a swampy plain, covered with mango and inhabited by alligators. Today it is still inhabited by alligators, but they are protected by the law and there is a big chance to encounter such. The climate is tropical, hurricanes are not uncommon, but the ocean, along with air temperature of 30°C in February, can give us courage to visit this sunny paradise. Florida has the characteristic spirit of every American state – low buildings, large open areas far distances and typical state Plazas, which are something between a small square and shopping area and the territory of which are usually placed supermarkets, shops, restaurants and all places of comprehensive services.

If you do not own vehicle, the movement in each city of the state is a little more difficult because no public transport is particularly developed there. Each city is situated on a large area. It is distinguished as a separate industrial and commercial zone and special lanes for recreation and entertainment. People live in small houses, each with its own garden or residential complexes, equipped with all the necessary conditions to feel surrounded by comfort-usually a pool, laundry room, gym, extensive picnic areas, BBQ, ponds, tennis court or other entertainment. Of course, there are neighborhoods whose description is less beautiful.

Perhaps Florida has become so popular around Disney World. But since then, on its territory appeared a large amount of outstanding parks. And if “Florida was discovered by Walt Disney” we are happy to rediscover it today with the various other attractions that it attracts tourists from around the world.

Lets focus on several cities that combine the beauty of the state and the thrill of fun.


Miami is famous for its unique beautiful South beach. There are many pubs, clubs, bars. On the same street you can see the house of Versace, where he met his death. Not far away is the shopping street. There are many cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops. In the central part of town is the “Island of the Stars”, where many celebrities have grand mansions. The island is completely surrounded by water and only certain people are allowed on its territory. Miami has a lot of panache and brilliance. Once you got there, you feel like a movie set all the time.


Tampa is located in the northern part of the state and also has access to the Atlantic Ocean. There are several beaches around the city – the Clear water beach, Saint Pete Beach, Madeira beach, etc.. All are organized as resorts and the good time there is guaranteed. On the territory of Tampa you can see the museum of Salvador Dali, Adventure island theme park and one of the largest zoos – Bush Gardens, which is designed to have the feeling of walking through Africa.

Orlando has a European look and impresses with its original architecture of some of the buildings in the central part, the most daring achievement of which is a house built with the roof down. While there is no outlet to the ocean, there are other world renowned places subject to strong interest from tourists around the world.

New York, New york

View of New York City

In that city, you feel powerless and small, but at the same time just like you rule the world. Feeling that you can not feel anywhere else, but there.

New York is located halfway between  Boston and Washington DC,  in southeastern New York State. Its location has helped the city to become a significant commercial center.

New York City is know as the Big Apple. It is the city which is the largest in the USA.  For more than a 100 years it has been one largest financial and commercial locations in the world. Entertainment, Fashion, media and political center, it is world famous tourist destination.

New York intertwines many different traditions and cultures. There are a wide variety of  settlers and immigrants from every part of the world. It mixes different type of races and people and that is why it is unique.

You will see many cultural monuments is New York. Most visited tourist sites are Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Broadway theater, Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, South Park, Central Park, the Zoo in the Bronx, the building of Rockefeller, the Botanical Garden and the last but not least the Statue of Freedom. Nearly 40 million tourists a year visit the city.


The Statue of Liberty, located on Liberty Island, is One of the symbols of New York and USA. It has been built in 1886 to seal the alliance between  America and France.


The second most expensive municipality in USA and the most in New York is Manhattan.  This area is the largest and one of the most advanced financial, cultural and commercial in the world.


One of the most beautiful squares in the world is also in New York. This is Times Square. Countless illuminated advertisements and neon, colors, ,buzz, indescribable beauty, before which you hold your breath.

Empire-state-buildingEmpire State Building is the building which is one of the icons of New York. If you are at the topl and the weather is clear, you can even see throughout the city at a glance. Of course, the entire city so huge that the eyes are far from covering all its grandeur.

With the constant buzz of traffic and people and non-stop subway, New York is known as the “City that never sleeps.” The are discos, clubs and bars for every taste, color and financial capabilities are so many that it is difficult to name any number. There are so many different cultural customs and traditions in NY that the cuisine is a challange. It is documented that In 2005 in the city 36 percent of the population was born outside the US and there were nearly 170 different languages spoken. The huge number of immigrands modeled the taste preferences entirely. Italians and Jews are notorious for  pizza, bagels and cheesecake. The falafel and duners compete with street vendors of hot dogs. There are a lot of fine restaurants that offer  Mediterranean, Japanese, Chinese, European and local cuisine.

Millions of art connoisseurs are attracted by the building of the world-famous Opera House (Lincoln center). The city with its more than 500 galleries is the second largest center for the film industry in the United States.

Viva Las Vegas

If you think about Las Vegas, you will find out that it is really a remarkable place. It was a spot in the desert, turned into a fabulous location for vacation and a notorious place with a legendary reputation for entertainment. Las Vegas is a historic site where many cultural icons and had important times in the town and loved it, like Elvis Presley for example. And many great movies were filmed exactly in Las Vegas. One such movie is Ocean’s Eleven, with Brad Pitt, George Clooney and many other famous actors.

It is an understatement to say that famous actors and sports stats can be often seen there. And if you want to see some of the greatest shows of all times, you can that do that exactly in Las Vegas. For very reasonable prices you can enjoy the best performances in the United States in hotels and casinos, along the Las Vegas strip.

This is an exceptional place that offers the opportunity to spend your honeymoon there or just escape away from everyday problems and enjoy the entertainment offered without your children. Just imagine the days you spend filled with luxurious rooms, casino action, amazing nightlife and great food. And this is the reason Las Vegas is so popular.

And if you are going to Las Vegas for the first time you will be amaized how many things you can do even staying and relaxing in the jacuzzi. And because the hotels thought about that, there is plenty of things to do if you are with your family and kids, a circus shows for example.

But if you like the outdoors there are also amazing tours you can take and visit surrounding attractions and sites – Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, etc. The Hoover Dam for example is one of the wonders of modern engineering. It is used to create energy and control the mighty Colorado River. The desert itself can be of great interest to the kids as well.

Las Vegas is one really great destination for an amazing vacation. It can offer entertainment such as gambling, night parties and shows. However it can offer a lot more, but the only way that you can really “feel” the city is by yourself, when you visit it.

Watch this short video about Las Vegas: