New York, New york

View of New York City

In that city, you feel powerless and small, but at the same time just like you rule the world. Feeling that you can not feel anywhere else, but there.

New York is located halfway between  Boston and Washington DC,  in southeastern New York State. Its location has helped the city to become a significant commercial center.

New York City is know as the Big Apple. It is the city which is the largest in the USA.  For more than a 100 years it has been one largest financial and commercial locations in the world. Entertainment, Fashion, media and political center, it is world famous tourist destination.

New York intertwines many different traditions and cultures. There are a wide variety of  settlers and immigrants from every part of the world. It mixes different type of races and people and that is why it is unique.

You will see many cultural monuments is New York. Most visited tourist sites are Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Broadway theater, Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, South Park, Central Park, the Zoo in the Bronx, the building of Rockefeller, the Botanical Garden and the last but not least the Statue of Freedom. Nearly 40 million tourists a year visit the city.


The Statue of Liberty, located on Liberty Island, is One of the symbols of New York and USA. It has been built in 1886 to seal the alliance between  America and France.


The second most expensive municipality in USA and the most in New York is Manhattan.  This area is the largest and one of the most advanced financial, cultural and commercial in the world.


One of the most beautiful squares in the world is also in New York. This is Times Square. Countless illuminated advertisements and neon, colors, ,buzz, indescribable beauty, before which you hold your breath.

Empire-state-buildingEmpire State Building is the building which is one of the icons of New York. If you are at the topl and the weather is clear, you can even see throughout the city at a glance. Of course, the entire city so huge that the eyes are far from covering all its grandeur.

With the constant buzz of traffic and people and non-stop subway, New York is known as the “City that never sleeps.” The are discos, clubs and bars for every taste, color and financial capabilities are so many that it is difficult to name any number. There are so many different cultural customs and traditions in NY that the cuisine is a challange. It is documented that In 2005 in the city 36 percent of the population was born outside the US and there were nearly 170 different languages spoken. The huge number of immigrands modeled the taste preferences entirely. Italians and Jews are notorious for  pizza, bagels and cheesecake. The falafel and duners compete with street vendors of hot dogs. There are a lot of fine restaurants that offer  Mediterranean, Japanese, Chinese, European and local cuisine.

Millions of art connoisseurs are attracted by the building of the world-famous Opera House (Lincoln center). The city with its more than 500 galleries is the second largest center for the film industry in the United States.

Viva Las Vegas

If you think about Las Vegas, you will find out that it is really a remarkable place. It was a spot in the desert, turned into a fabulous location for vacation and a notorious place with a legendary reputation for entertainment. Las Vegas is a historic site where many cultural icons and had important times in the town and loved it, like Elvis Presley for example. And many great movies were filmed exactly in Las Vegas. One such movie is Ocean’s Eleven, with Brad Pitt, George Clooney and many other famous actors.

It is an understatement to say that famous actors and sports stats can be often seen there. And if you want to see some of the greatest shows of all times, you can that do that exactly in Las Vegas. For very reasonable prices you can enjoy the best performances in the United States in hotels and casinos, along the Las Vegas strip.

This is an exceptional place that offers the opportunity to spend your honeymoon there or just escape away from everyday problems and enjoy the entertainment offered without your children. Just imagine the days you spend filled with luxurious rooms, casino action, amazing nightlife and great food. And this is the reason Las Vegas is so popular.

And if you are going to Las Vegas for the first time you will be amaized how many things you can do even staying and relaxing in the jacuzzi. And because the hotels thought about that, there is plenty of things to do if you are with your family and kids, a circus shows for example.

But if you like the outdoors there are also amazing tours you can take and visit surrounding attractions and sites – Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, etc. The Hoover Dam for example is one of the wonders of modern engineering. It is used to create energy and control the mighty Colorado River. The desert itself can be of great interest to the kids as well.

Las Vegas is one really great destination for an amazing vacation. It can offer entertainment such as gambling, night parties and shows. However it can offer a lot more, but the only way that you can really “feel” the city is by yourself, when you visit it.

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