20 Incredible Masterpieces Made with 3D Printing

3D printing has come a long way since its inception. It has become a powerful tool for creating a variety of objects, from musical instruments to firearms. In this article, we will explore 20 incredible masterpieces made with 3D printing. Scott Summi created the world's first 3D printed acoustic guitar, which means the rest of us now know it can be done.

With 3D printing, guitars can be made of plastic, with the metal mouth cover and the heel joint. In addition to making functional musical instruments, avid guitarists can also make a 3D replica of the guitars of their favorite musicians or idols. A camera lens is complex to create, but with 3D printing you can create your own lens and even find some creative and unique results. This is a beautiful Japanese flute made of stainless steel, printed in 3D.

It comes with a few different finishes, such as matte gold plated or shiny and matte antique bronze (image below). The flute is 9.4 inches long and has a small dragon design if you look hard enough. If you like to weave fabrics, you can create this rigid loom with a 3D printer and some raw plastic material; all joined together by screws. The creator used a 3D modeling program called OpenSCAD to design this.

Have you ever wanted to turn one of your child's drawings into something “real”, from a drawing to perhaps a sculpture? Well, now you can, for 99 euros. Your child's colorful drawing can be turned into a work of art thanks to 3D printing. The object measures approximately 4 inches long and can be used to decorate your work desk or home or as a trophy for your child's artistic talent. When it comes to technology, science has to have a bit of it. With 3D printing, doctors would have a cheaper alternative to learning about human anatomy and could also inject realism into surgical practice without the use of cadavers.

This shoe, full of intricate details and lights, measures 1 meter in length and is not a pair of shoes you can wear. Used as a commercial for Onitsuka Tiger and created with a 3D printer. The link says that you can buy it for 5879.83 euros and save it as a modern sculpture in your home. This Janne Kyttanen creation may look like a well-designed iPhone 5 case, but it's actually more functional than that. It can also contain two cards.

If you like to carry your equipment with you and want it to be organized perfectly, you can buy these 3D printed equipment wrappers that will save you the hassle and time of untangling your many cables. It can be printed in a wide variety of different colors and ranges from a price of 10 to 20 euros, depending on the color you choose. Android enthusiasts would love to display an Android figure on their desktops, but the impressive thing about these 3D printed figures is that they have custom themes to describe your personality. From the same person who created the iPhone 5 case above, here is the Palm Lamp. Janne Kyttanen created this eye-catching piece of art that comes in a variety of sizes.

Use it as part of your decor, as a floor lamp, table or ceiling lamp. This is a 3D printed two-piece watch, which comes in two parts, Part A and Part B. The watch is divided into 2 “faces”, the purple numbered dial and the designer dial behind. This work of art is the creation of one of the most renowned 3D printing designers, Joshua Harker. It is printed with polyamide, a combination of nylon and glass fused with a laser.

Check out the link to see more close-up photos of this fascinating and intricate creation. Take, for example, the Korean 3D printing service HS HI-TECH, which used HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology to create uniquely designed architectural elements and build modular structures. I created a nice post about 51 functional and useful objects created with 3D printing that shows many examples of the beneficial objects you can create. Another 3D printed healthcare component that does a good job of being undetectable is the hearing aid. For example, many people have 3D printed prostheses, hearing aids, cosplay costumes and accessories, DIY home modifications, and more. RepRap took the first step towards 3D printing a 3D printer, and many other creators have participated and added to the wealth of knowledge to develop more efficient and easier to replicate products that do the same. Just as 3D printing can be used for pre-operative planning, CT scans of crime victims can help detectives get closer to bones. That's the simple answer, but I'll go into more important details about what a 3D printer can print and its limitations. Big brands like New Balance, Adidas and Nike, which have recognized the power of additive manufacturing, intend to mass-produce custom midsoles made of 3D printed materials.

Often, these cases are experimental, which can make it seem that 3D printing is still a marginal technology in the medical and healthcare industries, but that is no longer the case. The team wanted to know if they could remove the housing and replace it with a 3D printed replica designed specifically for this bird. With one of the highest barriers to entry of any industry in the world, space travel is poised for innovation in 3D printing. Universities offer courses on things adjacent to 3D printing such as CAD and 3D design that can be applied to 3D printing at certain stages around twenty individual parts that previously were manufactured separately are now being produced as one piece using additive manufacturing techniques.3D printing has come far since its inception; it has become an incredibly powerful tool for creating all sorts of objects from musical instruments to firearms. In this article we explored 20 incredible masterpieces made with this technology; from an acoustic guitar made out of plastic to an Android figure with custom themes that describe your personality.